Jason Lark talks Marketing Automation with ITProPortal

  • Posted: 17th August 2016
  • Written by:

    Georgie Groombridge @groombridgeg

Lark’s Three Rules for optimising Marketing Automation

Celerity’s Managing Director, Jason Lark, spoke to ITProPortal last week with some tips to help maximise investment in Marketing Automation.

His three rules include targeting, personalisation and monitoring loyalty metrics rather than just open rates and conversions. He comments:

“Ultimately, it’s less about the actual tools you employ and more about how well you use them. Automated communications that lack relevancy and personalisation will disappoint – with the potential to diminish not just a brand’s ROI, but also its customers’ loyalty.

The brands that take the time to know their customers, clean their databases and develop bespoke marketing messages are the ones who will put their existing automated technology to good use, delivering a positive customer experience that is very good for business.”

Read the full article on ITProPortal here.

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