Demystifying the Customer Data Platform (CDP)

  • Posted: 21st October 2019

We’ve heard the fairytale about tools that can function as a central place for customer data. There certainly has never been a shortage of technologies that claim to provide a ‘single customer view’ or a ‘360 degree customer profile’. But in reality, there hasn’t been one platform type out there that has the potential to bring together all the data and at the same time properly make it useful for the marketer, until now…

This whitepaper will help to demystify Customer Data Platforms – what they are and what they are not.

In this whitepaper you will uncover:

  • What is a CDP?
  • How is it different from a CRM, DMP or SCV?
  • How can a CDP affect my role and responsibilities?
  • CDP use cases:
    • Enabling cross-channel message consistency
    • Enabling the in-store digital experience
    • Action abandonment

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