Andrew Ananth joins Adobe at Digital Project Managers Meetup

  • Posted: 28th June 2017
Andrew Ananth Adobe Experience Cloud talk

Andrew Ananth, Celerity’s Principal CRM and Digital Strategist supported Adobe at a Digital Project Managers meet-up in London last night. The event, focused on driving digital change, was organised by Silicon Valley business growth consultants Next Step and Enonic, a Norwegian digital experience platform provider.

As an accredited and specialised Adobe Partner, we were delighted to have been invited by Adobe to join the event and share our experiences of supporting leading brands to utilise their powerful digital marketing technologies as part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Jennifer Vessels, CEO of Next Step kicked off the evening with an insight into the part that Digital Project Managers play in driving change within a business. She talked about the work Next Step and Adobe had undertaken together, and the transformation she has witnessed from perpetual creative licence based business into the end-to-end marketing and experience company Adobe is today.

Handing over to Celerity, Andrew looked at the power Adobe technologies offer, countered with the challenges associated with both successfully delivering and ensuring maximum value from them. He highlighted three key challenges the Project Managers are likely to either experience in the future or are experiencing now as they navigate the sometimes choppy waters of digital transformation:

  • Knowing where to start
  • Matching your technology stack to your desired customer experience
  • Successfully rolling out the solution throughout the organisation

Offering practical advice on how to overcome these challenges, Andrew talked through steps to align business objectives, marry customer journeys to technology and data, and ensure successful roll-out through a clear roadmap, owned by a steering committee made up of internal and external stakeholders.

Finally, Enonic CEO Morton Erikson spoke about the future of user experience online and the integral part that progressive web apps play.

We had some fantastic feedback from attendees after the event and hope that they have returned to the office inspired and motivated.

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