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Celerity is a certified Adobe partner. We have established a proven track record of success in the implementation, deployment and integration of products within the Adobe Marketing Cloud, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager.

Adobe Target is a testing and optimization solution which:

  • Enables you to conduct tests: Test your website, emails, banners and apps to create highly personalized customer experiences.
  • Reveals valuable insights: Each test provides greater clarity into high priority customer segments and how to target them with relevant content.
  • Makes marketing strategies successful: Your digital interactions are maximized to deliver segment-specific communications.
  • Integrates seamlessly: Connect Adobe Target with your other platforms within the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Why Celerity?

Our experienced team is committed to delivering high quality service. We can help you use Adobe Target to give your marketing campaigns a data-driven boost.

Whatever your familiarity with Adobe Target, we can help – whether you’re at the implementation stage, or if you’ve been using the platform for a while and just need support and consultancy.

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“The solutions developed and delivered by Celerity have enabled us to create one single marketing view of millions of users.”

Henk Jan Gerzee, Director Ecommerce, Elsevier

Adobe clients include: