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Customer data can help companies make better, more intelligent business decisions – but it often goes to waste. Adobe Analytics, formerly known as Omniture SiteCatalyst, is designed to make sure it doesn’t.

An essential component of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Analytics is designed to facilitate detailed segmentation and real-time analytics across all of your chosen marketing channels. Users are empowered to dig deep into customer information and personalize their campaigns and experiences.

The key features and benefits of Adobe Analytics include:

  • 360 degree single customer view analysis: Create comprehensive profiles of individual customers and tailor their marketing experience to their specific needs.
  • Cross-channel attribution: Learn how customers see your brand and interact with it – from acquisition to conversion and beyond.
  • Predictive intelligence: Learn about your customers’ current behavior – and use this understanding to influence and forecast future behavior.
  • Platform engagement: Measure and analyze how customers are interacting with mobile apps and video.

Why Celerity?

At Celerity, we understand the importance of understanding and personalizing the customer experience. We have proven experience and expertise with Adobe Analytics and the entire Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Our specialists create meaningful improvements across the entire customer journey – moving your brand towards a Single Customer View, boosting your ability to deliver superior marketing content, and improving your decision-making capability.

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Whatever your familiarity with Adobe Analytics, we can help – whether you’re at the implementation stage, or if you’ve been using the platform for a while and need support and consultancy to get the most from the technology.

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“The solutions developed and delivered by Celerity have enabled us to create one single marketing view of millions of users that are in the Adobe Campaign environment. Now that we have one solution – Adobe Campaign – we are confident that we are sending a single, clear message to our customers.”

Henk Jan Gerzee, Director Ecommerce, Elsevier

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