Celerity’s team of experts are prepared to advise on key efficiencies and best practices for integrating CRM systems with Adobe Campaign. Applying a decade of experience, the team will assess your organization’s unique business needs and identify every opportunity to automate marketing, lead management and reporting functionalities.

Key benefits include:

Automated data extractions between the two systems bidirectionally  

Automating data flow between CRM and Adobe Campaign bidirectionally removes the time it takes to extract, transform and load data manually, mitigating manual involvement while saving time and preventing the risk for human error.

Automated cross-channel campaigns across the lead nurture funnel

Automatically deploy more personalized, more complex sales and marketing campaigns based on customer response, channel preference, behavior, preference and stage in the buyers journey.

Enhanced and accelerated lead management process

Based on criteria established in the strategy and planning workshops, the integrated system will automatically update the CRM with marketing qualified leads, expediting the lead-to-sales process, allowing your sales teams to focus on the right leads at the right time.

Automatically derived attribution and performance reports delivered in real-time  

Reports can be automated and sent directly to different line managers based on campaigns that can be scheduled and the appropriate data can be pushed in to required systems to be reported on.

Celerity’s propietary ENABLE methodology, provides a blend of planning, training, documentation and tools that will help your organization sustainably maximize the ROI of your integration, over time. Most importantly, Celerity is equipped to uncover the key considerations through a series of discovery workshops and planning sessions including:

Sales & Marketing Alignment

These are workshops to help understand who is responsible for what part of the customer data as it is flowing through the organization so the correct data stewards and gatekeepers can be appointed.

Data Mapping

Once alignment is achieved and the stewards are appointed, Celerity will work with your team to understand key considerations such as:

  • What data needs to be mapped between your CRM system and Adobe Campaign instance?
  • Will your organisation be using a one to many relationships with your data?
  • Do we need to consider any Intentional duplicates?

Lead Scoring

Celerity will build the lead scoring model that is build around your organization specifically. With proprietary workflow components that Celerity has created to get you up and running.

Celerity has integrated Adobe Campaign with a multitude of CRM systems including:

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