Paul Sene

Enterprise Solutions Sales Lead UK

My Role at Celerity

As Enterprise Solutions Sales Lead, I am responsible for the strategy and direction of our enterprise solutions division. This means I spend my time building and developing relationships with market-leading super brands and blue chip organizations to support with their growth initiatives using data and digital. It’s exciting times right now!

After being with Celerity for over nine years, I have had lots of great moments to choose from; but most recently I led the team to be awarded the Sky contract. It’s going to be challenging but a lot of fun and is the culmination of a lot of hard work for all concerned.

A Bit About Me

First and foremost, I’m proud to be a father and husband and despite loving work, my family always comes first. My wife and I have a beautiful and intelligent daughter, Emma. She keeps us entertained and always laughing!

In my spare time I love nothing more than being outside. I’m a keen angler, entering numerous competitions hoping for a big win.

I’m also a bit of a sci-fi geek and love Star Wars – I went to see the latest film three times (only) and I’ve made sure Emma is equally interested in the films through the occasional toy bribe; nothing like a pair of light sabers to peak her interest!

I care about acquiring the right clients for Celerity. Ones where we can take each other forward and where we truly partner to provide long term value.