Jason Lark

Founder & Managing Director Global

My Role at Celerity

Luke and I co-founded Celerity in 2002 after we both saw a gap in the market for data marketing specialists. Our first client was Nectar; we were managing the data management and campaign execution for their points update mailing, a direct mail program. Back then we were just three guys and three desks in an office, with a vision of how data and marketing communications would lead businesses of the future – now we’re a multi-award winning agency and system integrator with a global presence!

My role as Managing Director has essentially been to lead the business’ vision, strategy and operational performance as well as support our clients to achieve their goals. I sit on steering committees with most of our top tier clients; helping to drive their business and marketing strategy forward, whilst ensuring they are maximizing their return from their investment.

A Bit About Me

I have a very can-do attitude, and am an eternal optimist. One of our core values is to believe that anything is possible and I promote that idea to our staff. I’m also fascinated with the future; I love technology and make a lot of decisions about where to take our business based on just watching the way people interact and changes in social behaviors around technology. Ultimately, I am always looking at ways we can help to deliver higher levels of customer experience for our Clients’ customers.

I’m also very interested in Astronomy, and enjoy reading books and watching documentaries around the universe and its exploration. I am always looking to answer the question “What makes gravity exist and how can we neutralize it?”.