How is Marketing Automation Shaking Up Organization’s MarTech Stacks?

  • Posted: 4th October 2017
  • Written by:

    Sean Burrell, SVP Business Development and Global Alliances

Organizations across industry verticals know that data-driven marketing is essential for driving business but are too often limited by typical problems like siloed data, dispersed departments, multiple systems, manual processes. Many companies may be using technology that over the years has become highly customized, might not have the technical expertise on-staff to execute, or maybe their resources are spending too much time focused on extracting lists, cleaning the data and uploading it just for one campaign.

In recent years, successful companies have discovered that it’s less about what technologies they have supporting their customer life cycles and more about how they work together. In short, these organizations are harnessing the power of marketing automation.

What is marketing automation?

The term marketing automation platform (MAP) refers to a system that is connected to one or multiple databases and/or technologies (often including CRM, EPOS and Ecommerce systems) to functionally share and update information between and among these systems automatically.

This means because the MAP system is directly connected to each database it is able to query the databases automatically, removing the need to manually extract lists in order to run campaigns.

So how is this going to help my organization?

Successful implementations of a marketing automation platform helps organizations:

  • Reduce manual involvement to extract and upload lists and thereby reduce errors and increase team efficiency
  • Ability to communicate with more channels
  • Increase complexity of campaigns and marketing activity because flow of data between systems will be automated
  • Increase response rate with more advance campaign personalization
  • Measure ROI effectively, efficiently, in real-time with less man power by automating reporting functionality

Why would our organization want to implement a MAP systems?

By not spending your time extracting lists or trying to report on siloed data sources you can refocus on driving business, building customer lifecycle campaigns and integrating more of your own marketing technologies together.

With more advanced reporting, your organization will efficiently understand how improved customer relevance and personalization correlates to response rates and the marketing and sales lead conversion process.

What options are there for Marketing Automation technologies?

There are a number of options on the market in the form of enterprise marketing solutions, all with varying degrees of capability. When shopping for a MAP system, be sure to take into consideration a few items starting with the data syncing capabilities and cost, ability to easily integrate with other technologies and the implementation process and cost. These items can greatly impact the overall cost and timing of the implementation and are essential for success.

Adobe Campaign is the only cross-channel, enterprise-ready solution capable of effectively engaging all marketing channels offline and online. AC easily integrates with CRM and other marketing technologies and it also has flexible deployment models allowing organizations to build their platform on-premise, on the cloud, or a combination of both depending on organizational needs.

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