Our proven framework for data-driven marketing success

Customer experience has emerged as a top priority for brands over the past few years. Professional marketers in every sector understand this new reality and are making moves to embrace it, but it has brought with it a wave of fresh challenges that need to be overcome.

The IMPACT framework acknowledges the importance of the customer, placing it at the center of everything, but it also recognizes that great customer experience doesn’t come easily. Great customer experience requires the orchestration of a number of key organizational pillars such as people, process and technology. The IMPACT framework is made up from these pillars; enabling the assessment of their current influence on the overall customer experience.

The framework answers three key questions for change-hungry marketers: Where do I start? Why should I change? How do I succeed? Once you have the answer to these, IMPACT enables our clients to understand their readiness for change, align around a clear vision for the future and prioritize the delivery of projects to achieve it. The on-going measurement against the pillars also enables marketers to clearly articulate the business value of their efforts to the board to empower them to drive the change they want in their business.

The slider below looks at the key pillars and some of the outputs the framework provides.

Innovation & Strategy

Your direction, goals and readiness for change.

  1. Business analysis and requirements
  2. Digital marketing maturity assessment and strategy
  3. Project prioritization, roadmaps and business case


How you measure the success of your program.

  1. Report and dashboard development
  2. Benchmarking and lift projections
  3. ROI analysis and attribution

People & Process

How you get things done.

  1. Testing plans and execution
  2. Process review and optimization
  3. Campaign planning


Your customers and how well you know them.

  1. Customer behavior and insight
  2. Data analysis and modelling
  3. Customer and market research

Customer Experience

The sum of your customer touchpoints.

  1. Customer journey planning
  2. Cross channel contact strategy
  3. Personalization strategy


Your marketing technology stack and the value you get from it.

  1. Technology vendor selection
  2. Martech stack / infrastructure assessment
  3. Marketing automation

How does it work?

We follow a four-step process within each pillar of Understand, Inspire, Deliver and Succeed. This means that we begin with a deep understanding of our clients’ current state against where they’d like to be. We then build on these goals using our experience of what is possible and inspire their teams around a visionary future state. The deliver step is where we back this vision up with a roadmap of projects, surrounded by a number of KPIs that we measure in the success step to ensure we are moving towards the goal.

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