Are you Interested in Adobe Campaign?

Adobe Campaign is the most powerful and advanced marketing automation solution on the market. It handles some of the most complex databases and is the most well-equipped to support multi-channel strategies.

Our approach provides a blend of planning, training, documentation and tools that will help sustainably maximize your investment over time.

With the immense power of Adobe Campaign your organization will need a strategic partner that has strong credentials and the key experience to help navigate the full potential of the technology. Celerity is a specialized Adobe Campaign business partner with a team of the world’s most highly experienced developers, architects and consultants. Together they have executed on more than 45 implementations and over 125 API integrations, web applications and customizations.

Strategic Planning and Workshops

To ensure the ultimate success of the Campaign solution, our consultants work with your team to conduct a technical and functional review of Adobe Campaign in the context of your business. Celerity will advise on how your marketing, technology and sales teams can leverage the tool and will also identify what support resources will be required to service the technology throughout it’s life-cycle. Celerity can also advise on priority campaigns and initiatives during transition and after implementation.

Team Alignment

Cohesion among stakeholders is essential when implementing a new technology that effects multiple departments throughout an organization. To maximize the planning and execution time, Celerity ensures there is cross-department alignment during the gathering and implementation stages but most importantly, ensures that the teams understand their roles and functionalities as the technology is being utilized.


Celerity provides short and long-term strategy documentation on how to roll-out new technology and/or decommission the existing legacy solution. Celerity has decommissioned up to 11 different technologies in the processes building out the technology road-map to ensure maximum adoption for staff, as well as optimal use and ROI of the technology.

Systems Integration >

Marketing automation platforms can leverage information across multiple technologies to deliver the most targeted, personalized and timely communications to your customers. Celerity are experts in not only integrating these technologies but also identifying and advising on the opportunities to automate functionalities to achieve the most value among both existing and new technologies.

Technical Implementation

Celerity has unrivaled experience installing Adobe Campaign across organizations globally. Leveraging their proprietary ENABLE methodology, Celerity creates seamless implementations and integrations, ensuring a successful, long term solution and on-going ROI.

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