TUI Group

Project PLUTO: A Global 360 Degree Customer View for TUI Group

The Objective

At the start of the project, TUI Group had limited insight into their data and their marketing was driven by short-term business needs. They began working with Celerity with the aim to consolidate data from across their brand portfolio, unifying their customer data to create a 360-degree view of customer.

The Solution

Celerity successfully consolidated data feeds dating back to 1995 from 22 different systems, with over 45 million contacts and over a billion rows of data to deliver a bespoke 360-degree view.

The single customer view was fully secure and easily operated via a web based application; providing TUI Group staff members across the business with a user-friendly view of their customer base. Different views of the customer were developed based on the specific requirements of each business user, with custom interfaces driven by log-in ID available to use internationally 24/7.

On top of the newly revitalized database, Celerity implemented Apteco FastStats – a powerful data visualization and analysis tool which has allowed TUI Group marketers across the business to view and interrogate customer data via a simple drag and drop user interface.

With Celerity’s expertise in systems integration alongside their unrivalled quality of trainers and support, the take up and adoption of the new FastStats software across the organization was phenomenal.

The insight gained from the analytics solution provided TUI Group with a wealth of benefits:

  • Enabled them to deliver far more timely and personalized CRM communications such as holiday “welcome home” Direct Mail comms, “where next?” ideas and holiday anniversary comms with personalized offers.
  • Improved cross and upsell of ancillary holiday products through advanced customer analytics. Propensity modelling was used to score individual likelihood to respond to cross and upsell offers and this score was shared with the outbound telemarketing team to enable them to prioritize relevant cross and upsell products and services.
  • Increased Lifetime Value. Celerity developed a customer value model to enable TUI Group to identify customers who were the most valuable to the business and adjust customer contact strategies and service accordingly.

The Result

TUI Group realised the following benefits from Celerity’s solution:

  • Celerity won a Marketing Week Data Strategy Award for the success of the project
  • The 360-degree view of customer reduced frontline team admin time by 500 days per annum
  • TUI Group achieved a 3% reduction in the cost of dealing with complaints
  • TUI Group improved retention rates in the first year by 1%
  • TUI Group increased sales from extra excursion sales by 1%