Maximize your Adobe Campaign Platform

Our team of Adobe Campaign experts are prepared to help you evolve your platform to maximize its use for your specific busines needs.

By harnessing the full power of marketing automation your organization will be able to streamline data sources, simplify work flows, optimize campaigns and report on performance in real-time.

With the immense power of Adobe Campaign your organization will need a strategic partner that has strong credentials and the key experience to help navigate the full potential of the technology. Celerity is a specialized Adobe Campaign business partner with a team of the world’s most highly experienced developers, architects and consultants. Together they have executed on more than 45 implementations and over 125 API integrations, web applications and customizations.

Consulting Workshops

Celerity offers a series of workshops that are aligned with the planning and delivery of integrated, synergistic solutions. Depending on your organization’s challenges and objectives, Celerity experts will conduct in-depth discovery meetings that can help organizations further understand topics such as: the marketing technology landscape, how to maximize campaign strategy, executing on a distributed marketing strategy, methods for mapping out buyer’s journey & personas, how to implement a lead scoring mechanism, or how to harness and review marketing data.

Mentoring, Training and Support

Celerity has nearly a decade of consulting and servicing Adobe Campaign and are able to empower your staff to maximize the use of the software from both a technical and functional perspective. Through desk-side coaching and on-going mentorship, Celerity will share and document methods and best practices, ensuring that your teams are aligned and trained to see out the organization’s business objectives.

Campaign Development and Execution

Executing on complex marketing programs can sometimes require more time, resources and expertise than is available. Celerity’s in-house campaign consultants are able to plan, manage and/or support the creation, design and deployment of your marketing programs on an on-going or project basis.

Systems Integration >

Integrated marketing automation platforms can leverage information across multiple technologies to deliver the most targeted, personalized and timely communications to your customers. Celerity are experts in not only integrating these technologies but also identifying and advising on the opportunities to automate specific functionalities in order to achieve the most value among both existing and new technologies. Integrations with Adobe Campaign Include CRM, POS, CMS, Analytics, BI and databases alongside many other adjacent technologies.

Automating Data Management

Many organizations are challenged by the manual input and extraction of information over numerous data sources. Whether you need your data transformed, migrated or integrated, Celerity can help automate data sources and their flow, both in and out of Adobe Campaign, mitigating the need for manual manipulation and the risk of error.

Software Upgrades

Celerity has worked with Adobe Campaign since V4 and are highly experienced at helping clients update to new versions of the technology to unlock powerful new features while ensuring minimum disruption to campaigns in production.

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