As consumers continue to tune out of irrelevant, poorly targeted marketing campaigns, brands are learning to target their communications in a much more personalized and timely way.

Brands need to fully understand their customers – ideally at an individual level – and we’re not just talking demographics like their age or gender here. We’re talking about their real-time behaviors and spending habits. Effective customer segmentation, using a tool like Adobe Campaign, is essential to unlocking these insights. Contact our experts today to discuss your Adobe Campaign Segmentation requirements .

Why brands need customer segmentation

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing your customer base into groups that share certain characteristics. Once your database has been segmented, and the relevant data has been pulled out and analyzed, you can identify the different personas in your audience and target each segment with relevant, personalized marketing communications.

You can only prioritize your highest value customers by knowing who those customers are, and what they prefer. Segmentation and profiling helps you to do just that, by working out who your best prospects are based on certain attributes. Too many companies don’t bother doing this and, as a result, tend to over-service people who return goods regularly or those who tie up the customer service team on the phone for hours.

As great as the benefits are, segmentation isn’t easy to get right. Even the world’s biggest brands struggle with it. A primary problem is human bias, as marketing teams naturally often over-generalize customer personas based on their own experiences. On top of that, many marketing teams are guilty of using outdated and irrelevant data.

Adobe Campaign segmentation is one of the most sophisticated ways for modern marketers to make better use of their data.

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Harnessing Adobe Campaign segmentation

By working with specialist marketing software like Adobe Campaign, you can develop audience segmentation for each campaign you work on, based on virtually any variable in a customer profile.

For example, using Adobe Campaign segmentation you can divide your customer data based on the type of household car, but only send your message to the primary vehicle driver. In other words, you can use all of the data that you have available to create a targeted segment for any specific campaign. Once you’ve defined these audience segments, you can use them in cross-channel programs in Adobe Campaign or export them to use in other components of the Adobe Experience Cloud, which includes Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, such as:

By using a single visual environment that houses rich, customer profiles, you can make segmentation and reporting a lot easier. You can connect multiple data sources with Adobe Campaign to produce more accurate and accessible segmentations, and automatically enroll or remove contacts from each segment based on behavior and eligibility without having to manually update each list.

You save time and you save valuable marketing budget by focusing your campaigns on customers who are most likely to check out.

How Celerity can help your brand with Adobe Campaign segmentation

Our team is made up of top certified Adobe Campaign experts who have delivered a record number of successful implementations, as well as training programs and solution optimizations. Our clients, including the likes of Nissan, William Hill and Greene King, have developed highly targeted marketing campaigns using sophisticated customer segmentation and profiling techniques, all with our help.

At Celerity, we’ll help you to develop a Single Customer View (SCV) so that you know exactly who your customer is and what you should do to target them effectively.

In recognition of our ability, at a global scale, to leverage Adobe’s digital marketing technology, we have received a Partner Recognition Award for Outstanding Contribution and a specialization accreditation for Adobe Campaign in EMEA.

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