Grace Russell

Demand Generation Manager, EMEA UK

My role at Celerity

My role at Celerity is Marketing and Demand Generation Manager EMEA. This requires me to produce outbound marketing programmes across Europe for enterprise level brands. These programmes include thought leadership syndication, webinars and events to help inform brands of MarTech and CRM marketing innovations and improvements.

I have worked in the B2B digital technology and marketing industry for 5+ years, and have marketed a wide variety of technology services: Microsoft, Intel, Sitecore, Adobe and Salesforce.

A bit about me

I am one of those people who always ends up with a nickname, there have been many over the years: Gimli, Ginny, Ariel, Graciebell to name a few. I adore animals, but only when they are living wild and free (no zoos or aquariums). I play tennis for Windsor and have been competing in county-level tennis since I was 12. I am a big fan of horror TV shows: American Horror Story, The Haunting of Hill House, Stranger Things, The X-Files. I love food but am only just adjusting to cooking. I will share most foods but am obsessed with ice cream – I will never ever share ice cream, so no need for two spoons with my sundaes.