Esther Agun

Senior Data Warehouse Developer UK

My Role at Celerity

I joined Celerity in 2010 and I’m now a senior Data Warehouse Developer (Technical Lead). Using SQL Server and Ralph Kimball’s approach, I design and develop new BI and Data Warehouse projects for our various clients. As a Technical Lead, I provide consultancy on solution design and business rules supporting client requirements. I ensure proposals are fit for purpose and that any development carried out is in line with requirements, meets best practice standards, and within agreed deadline.

I am also responsible for estimates, communicating assumptions and risks associated with projects, and ensuring system documentations are kept up-to-date. I collaborate with other technical experts to ensure the overall project is a success.

Working at Celerity is a great challenge because it’s fast-paced and constantly growing. The clients are diverse – providing an opportunity to work on different kinds of data. Above all, I love the environment, people and opportunity to grow and improve.

A Bit About Me

I am generally easy going, a deep thinker and more of an introvert. I like to think I’m calm under pressure…but my husband and three daughters totally disagree! I also like to think I’m not impulsive…but then again, I abandoned a University degree in German Language after nearly four years (and within months of completion), simply because I woke up and felt like changing direction and starting a new degree in IT!

I absolutely love reading and also enjoy photography, movies, travelling, and exploring new places. When I am not doing any of these things, I’m busy daydreaming about being a Jazz Saxophonist – which may just happen for me one day once I figure out how to play a Sax!