Chris Slater

New Business Consultant UK

My Role at Celerity

My role at Celerity as a New Business Consultant means that I am responsible for the targeting and delivery of new business opportunities for our business. I have responsibilities around new account targeting, lead generation and pitch management as well as onboarding new clients to Celerity.

My role also sees me aligning closely with our key technology partners in order to collaborate on product and service propositions for new clients. It is our goal at Celerity to be seen as a trusted partner to and that is something I work hard to help to achieve.

A Bit About Me

I have a degree in Sports Science which has clearly come in really handy now working in CRM & digital marketing! Whilst doing my degree, I also co-founded an Events Management company and grew this for 4 years before joining Celerity which was an amazing learning experience.

Lastly, I am a huge sports fan and value my incredible family massively. Without either of those in my life I would be completely lost!