Amy Jarvis

Programme Director UK

My Role at Celerity

Having initially started out as a member of the Account Management team, I have moved through various roles over the years and am now a Programme Director at Celerity, heading up a portfolio of clients and a team of project managers.

My role is both an operational and client facing role, that is primarily focused on ensuring our clients get value from the services we provide, as well as developing our teams and creating solutions that offer long term benefit.

While I have been at Celerity for what sometimes feels like a lifetime, I still feel like I am here for a reason; to continue to be a part of the journey. I have been lucky enough to have had some extremely strong mentors at Celerity who have helped me on my way (special thanks to Lisa and Deborah!). It is my goal to be just as valuable to my own team members.

A Bit About Me

I adore food! I love eating it, but I also really enjoy cooking (as I find it strangely relaxing). I am a bit of a film fanatic and most weekends can be found at my local cinema watching the newest releases. I recently acquired two kittens and as such, have become something that I never thought I would – a crazy cat lady!

I love going on holiday and have a few places left on to visit on my bucket list, such as New Zealand and Africa (for the Safari). Finally, I love spending time with my family who I cherish dearly Рwhether the feeling is mutual is another thing entirely…