What is the Adobe Experience Cloud?

  • Posted: 25th September 2017

Understanding your customers – really ­understanding your customers – is easier said than done. How can you gain significant insight into people who never spend more than a fraction of their time with you? How can you tailor products and services to their specific interests, preferences, and behaviours?

The Adobe Experience Cloud, which was announced in March 2017, is designed to answer these questions. It unifies Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and Adobe Analytics Cloud within a single, convenient platform. This allows you to centralise campaign creation and management, advertising activity, and intelligence gathering – and more importantly, understand how they all feed into each other.

But why does this capability matter?

It’s simple: we’re living in a digital world: data, devices, and disruption determine our relationships with customers. Technology has fundamentally altered our capabilities, but it has also fundamentally altered customer expectations.
The upshot of this is that customers expect more of businesses like yours. They want a smooth, consistent, and personalised digital experience across all platforms. Meet these requirements, and you’ll earn long-term customer relationships. Fail to meet these requirements, and you’ll invariably struggle.

The modern customer expects you to be everywhere. Adobe Experience Cloud helps you meet their needs. It can be used by businesses across a range of industries: financial services, technology, retail, hospitality, travel, and many more. The platform gives organisations everything they need to deliver personalised marketing and incredible experiences to customers across all touchpoints.

Harnessing the Adobe Marketing Cloud 

The Adobe Marketing Cloud is a vital component of this solution – and one that comes with several other solutions built in. Analytics, web and app experience management, advertising, audience management, testing, targeting, video, social, and campaign management tools unite within one comprehensive platform. It’s everything you need to understand prospective and current customers, and to tailor customised campaigns to their specific interests.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is comprised of Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Primetime, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Social.

Go deeper with Adobe Analytics Cloud 

Adobe Analytics Cloud is also part of Adobe Experience Cloud. Combining Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics unlocks the power of real-time analytics across all marketing channels.

By using advanced analytics, propensity modelling and predictive intelligence, Adobe Analytics allows you to understand past, present and future customer behaviour – giving you the information you need to shape personalised, highly profitable campaigns. By providing single-view customer analysis, you get a unified, 360-degree view (also known as a Single Customer View) into their activities – aided by cross-channel attribution functionality, which allows you to understand how they act and buy across every channel.

Adobe Audience Manager aids these functions by unifying customer identities within a single, unique profile – giving them a distinct overarching ID, and making other system IDs accessible via a lookup table.

Segmentation and profiling become significantly easier: you know which product pages they’ve visited and which marketing collateral they’ve responded to; where they’re located and what they browse; any information that’s available and useful is at your disposal.

Beyond the discrete functions of each part of each solution, the most interesting thing about Adobe Experience Cloud is the way these features and functions are brought together. It’s a platform that allows you to see everything and be everywhere: to know more about your customers – and tailor content, campaigns, and customer service to their precise expectations.

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