Three ways to enhance CRM with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein

  • Posted: 10th June 2019

Automation isn’t the future anymore – it’s the present. And in some respects, it might be too simplistic for the modern marketer’s purposes.

As a profession, marketing is increasingly moving away from automation and towards sophisticated applications of AI. These applications will give enterprises the cutting edge in terms of personalization and CRM.

Einstein is the flagship AI feature of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, helping companies to make decisions faster, make employees more productive, and make customers happier using data-powered predictions and recommendations.

But how exactly does Salesforce Einstein enhance CRM and help you create intelligent marketing campaigns? Key factors include:

  1. Predictive lead scoring to help you identify the best opportunities
  2. Advanced customer segmentation to help you focus your campaigns
  3. Journey insights to help you optimize the customer’s experience with your brand

Let’s take a closer look at each of these to see how Salesforce Einstein works.

Predictive lead scoring

Lead scoring is crucial part of how companies identify the best sales opportunities. And while you can do this manually, the processing power of AI should not be ignored.

Einstein can handle vast amounts of data. And it can assist in every stage of the lead scoring process, including determining the criteria that define a strong lead and creating Salesforce predictive lead scoring models based on your company’s specific needs.

This produces results that are far more accurate than those produced without AI assistance, allowing your marketing team to focus its energies on the leads and opportunities most likely to convert.

  1. Customer segmentation

It would be unusual for any company to have just one ‘type’ of customer. And since different people respond to marketing in different ways, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach, modern marketing demands adapting each campaign to a specific audience using segmentation and profiling.

The advantage of Einstein segmentation is that using machine learning and pattern analysis, it can analyze billions of consumer signals from within the Salesforce DMP. You can then use this to identify different personas within your customer base, making it easier to develop tailored marketing messages that will appeal to each key segment.

  1. Journey Insights

One thing to remember about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein is that it was designed as a tool to help marketers make informed decisions, not as a replacement for human intelligence. We can see this in the Journey Insights feature, which analyses millions of data points to help marketers understand the buying decision processes of their customers. By helping you to identify the actions and events that lead to a purchase like this, Salesforce Einstein lets your marketing professionals refine their knowledge and processes over time.

For example, if you can analyze data to better understand the right times to trigger certain marketing communications – for example, after a mobile app download, a purchase, or a cart abandonment – you can deliver messaging to customers when they’re more likely to read them.

You can also understand how an individual customer or group of customers, and their preferences, change over time – predicting what kind of journey and what kind of interactions will work best, and which need to be altered. This makes it easier to adapt to market changes or trends that you may have missed otherwise.

The future of AI in marketing

A Salesforce State of Marketing report shows that use of AI technologies is likely to grow quickly among marketers over the next two years. As such, no company can afford to ignore the extra processing power and sophistication data analysis capabilities that tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein provide.

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