The story behind our bespoke Adobe add-on and connectors

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The story behind our bespoke Adobe add-on and connectors

Our clients normally come to us with a set of specific marketing needs and challenges that require completely new, bespoke solutions. Over the years we’ve built a number of Adobe add-on and connectors that really enhance the Adobe Campaign platform. To give you an idea of what’s possible, we’ve summarised our bespoke Adobe connector solutions here:

Events Manager Connector

Marie Curie, the national cancer charity, wanted to improve their volunteer management process for fundraising events: making sure each volunteer receives a tabard, attends a training session and is posted in the right area at an event. When Marie Curie first approached Celerity, this whole process was being managed on spreadsheets.

Our solution was to incorporate the necessary real-time event data into the customer profile element of Adobe Campaign and then present a microsite on the Marie Curie web page that would utilise this data.

The Events Manager Adobe connector allows people to sign up for events and sessions and enables brands to manage internal client-facing staff, retailers and customer appointments. The diary management functionality provides a snapshot view of attendance and triggers automated follow-ups and pre-event reminders. While originally designed for Marie Curie, it’s been so successful that we are rolling it out for other clients too.

Google Analytics Connector

Boston-based travel company, Grand Circle Travel, wanted a deeper analysis of their customers’ online behaviour to drive more relevant campaigns. Their Google Analytics account had tags set up to alert them to certain onsite events such as form completions and ‘abandoned baskets’. To help Grand Circle Travel get more out of these customer insights, we created an Adobe connector that linked their Adobe Campaign marketing platform with their Google Analytics account and consolidated data from all their customers’ activity over multiple platforms. This enabled the company to follow up with personalised and relevant communications. The tool was a bespoke build for Grand Circle Travel but is now available to many of our customers.

Scheduling Tool

We created an internal scheduling tool to make it easier for the teams at Skipton Building Society to use their Adobe Campaign marketing platform. The Adobe add-on combines scheduling processes within one interface and improves usability. It allows users to brief and manage multiple teams and schedule notifications for the various departments, from content and creative through to approvals and deployment. Users can allocate and manage budget and timelines for each stage of the project, as well as manage approvals. Regardless of the number of teams involved or their actual sizes, the scheduling tool simplifies the whole campaign process, seamlessly compiling campaign assets, content and data into a single place. This Adobe add-on can be tailored to suit the customer’s needs.

Newsfeed Channel

The Newsfeed channel Adobe add-on was built for GiffGaff to improve their customer interactions by providing each user with a consolidated scrolling feed of individually relevant content. Upon logging into their account, customers are greeted with dynamic, rolling content that can be personalised to suit their preference. This scrolling newsfeed can be plugged into email, web or social media.

Finally ‘ACCIS’ – a simplified user interface for Adobe Campaign

ACCIS was developed for a big client who could see the benefits of the Adobe Campaign for their business, but needed a simpler solution that their large marketing team could all use with ease. ACCIS retains all the capabilities of Adobe Campaign such as data management, email list-building, attribute adding and feed set-up, and makes them available in one simple user interface.

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