Four Reasons to Use the Adobe Content Management System

  • Posted: 1st February 2018
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An effective digital customer experience depends on delivering personalised content with efficiency and speed. The experience needs to be tailored to each customer’s unique preferences, and demonstrate brand consistency across all channels.

The Adobe content management system, also known as Adobe Experience Manager, helps brands to deliver and manage a superior digital experience, delighting customers with well-timed and relevant marketing content.

To ensure that your brand reaches your customers in the best way possible, Adobe Experience Manager delivers compelling content across mobile, web and the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s also highly scalable. So, as your business and brand grow, your level of engagement can grow too.

Here are four key features of Adobe Experience Manager.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites

The ‘Sites’ module enables marketers to manage multiple websites effectively in one place, including desktop and mobile.

This multi-website management feature delivers content quickly and efficiently, without creating any overlaps or duplications.

All content is drawn from a single library. This maintains a consistent look and tone across all marketing materials and channels.

Simplified content creation and delivery

The Adobe content management system integrates seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud. This ensures that all digital assets are created quickly, and then managed, distributed and optimised efficiently. It allows for agile workflows that are designed to meet specific campaign requirements.

Your team can access a single library of digital assets to create platform-specific content, be it for desktop, mobile or tablet. This creates consistency across all campaigns. Meta data and tags can be added to these digital assets to make them easily searchable.

Streamlined forms and documents

Adobe Experience Manager’s ‘Forms’ feature ensures that all forms and documents are processed automatically. It’s a paperless and efficient solution that transforms digital enrolment, onboarding and ongoing correspondence into a streamlined experience.

As a result, the Adobe content management system makes it easier to create dynamic and responsive forms that capture crucial customer information. It provides an enhanced customer experience: automatically positioning the forms in the ideal place on each platform to ensure that customers can find what they’re looking for quickly.

Community outreach

Adobe Experience Manager allows you to set up user groups and social forums to facilitate customer conversations using its ‘Communities’ feature. This allows your customers to share knowledge, information and stories in an easy and engaging environment.

These community conversations capture valuable information that will help you enhance your brand activities and optimise your digital customer experience.

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