Turn Your Adobe Campaign Instance Into a Masterpiece

  • Posted: 1st May 2020
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Training your team for Adobe Campaign success

Adobe Campaign (AC) is a robust marketing automation platform that has seemingly endless potential. With its complexity level high, we often see that users are not aware or educated on all the options the tool can offer. It is also not uncommon for an Adobe Campaign client to lack the required resources or bandwidth to personally dive deeper and understand the numerous intricacies of the system. This is where Celerity and our team of dedicated experts come into the frame.

Why Celerity?

After 14 years of implementing, integrating and facilitating the use of Adobe Campaign for a variety of clients, one of the most valuable but overlooked strategy we see that really drives value for customers is personal training sessions. Once the platform is in place, we often find that certain AC practices are not being utilized maximally to help a client achieve goals in an automated and hands-off manner. This could be anything from having campaign workflows that take too much time to execute to not fully understanding the system and thus utilizing too many products in the marketing stack that duplicate functions all possible within AC.

In essence, a core strength of CIS is that we build a relationship and partner with our clients to get the most out of the system, make processes more efficient and help to construct scalable strategies to enable future success. We customize each training session specifically to meet the needs of the client. This tailored experience allows us to provide the best possible solution based on the individual use case and enables our clients to get the most out of their instance of AC.

Celerity helps clients maximize their Adobe Campaign:

One of the world’s largest asset management corporations

Training topics: Establish best practices around automation, error alerting and managing typologies

How Celerity helped:

  • Demonstrated Adobe Campaign’s out-of-the-box alerting functionality, enabling a user group to be notified if there is an error in a campaign. This is a foundational step for any organization looking to automate their marketing campaigns as it provides instantaneous alerting in the event of an error
  • Establish customized alerts based on user-defined criteria. Celerity helped the client define parameters for their automated campaigns and if an audience fell outside of those parameters, then a customer operator group was notified in order to further investigate the issue
  • Establish typology management in order to maintain a customer journey and ensure a customer is not overwhelmed with content. By establishing typologies, Celerity helped the client understand how to best to manage the customer journey and ensure best practices around contact frequency are followed

Largest beauty retailer in the U.S.

Training topics: Crawl, walk, run training for new AC users unfamiliar with platform and optimize historical campaigns that were causing lag time within the system

How Celerity helped:

  • Trained new members of the campaign team who were unfamiliar with Adobe Campaign. Provided overview of campaign in general, of client instances
  • Developed specialized training and documentation exercises based on our knowledge of each client’s campaign needs
  • Provided guidance on how to optimize campaigns and decrease run times, allowing the client to run through their daily campaign processes at a faster, more efficient pace

Top tier credit union in the U.S.

Training topics: Deskside coaching, campaign build, creating a preference center and data schema fundamentals

How Celerity helped:

  • Provided multiple onsite, customized training workshops, which included hands-on exercises in Adobe Campaign specifically related to client use cases
  • Increased tool adoption within the organization by holding weekly deskside coaching sessions, allowing team members to bring issues to the table regarding their day to day tasks in Adobe Campaign and what challenges they are currently facing
  • Coached campaign team on how to build Welcome, Cross-Sell and Upsell campaigns, and how to adapt these for future logic changes
  • Built and trained employees on how to create web applications within Adobe Campaign, which allowed the client to create a preference center to capture what type of communications they would like to receive and how often, and have that data immediately stored within Campaign for use
  • Coached team on schema fundamentals, and how to integrate new data points from their MDM database

These training engagements made immediate, positive impacts for each of these clients. No matter the complexity of the training topics, Celerity was able to solve the pain points of the client and allow for much smoother and more efficient business practices.

Regardless of the industry or area of interest, we are here to help your business ramp up and placed in position to win with a high focus on strategy and scalability.

Common areas of interest for training

While every business is unique, we have seen that the below topics are popular for current Adobe Campaign users in regards to training requirements. Celerity can discuss how each of the below can help maximize your business efforts from a sales and marketing perspective.

  • Building AC campaign workflows (e.g., templates, cloning, triggers, testing, etc)
  • Using AC Broadlogs & Reporting Campaign Results in AC
  • Completing AC Schema Customizations
  • Using HTML & Basic Javascripting within AC to support your campaigns
  • Setting up Typologies, Global Suppressions, Filters & Segmentation in campaigns
  • Building Technical Workflows in AC
  • Setting up or using Preference Center information in campaign workflows
  • Integrating other applications or data sources into AC for campaign use

If you’d like to hear more about how our award-winning Adobe services, contact us today inquiries@celerity-is.com.