The Magic Triangle: Embracing Data-Driven Insights to be a More Effective Marketer

  • Posted: 27th February 2018
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The Magic Triangle of Adobe Campaign, Audience Manager and Analytics is game changer for marketeers.

Dealing with the known and unknown – bringing a lot more value together

These days, most successful organizations are determined to improve how they can market to unknown customers and also expand how they can communicate and sell to them effectively when they become known customers. It takes extensive strategic planning to understand the perfect sweet spot of where what you’re selling matches what the customer is searching and moreover it takes the right combination of technology to get the engine up and running and well-oiled.

For starters, you need a robust marketing automation solution like Adobe Campaign as the central system. Beyond that there are a multitude of technology options that cover any organization’s (especially enterprise-level) comprehensive marketing needs and Adobe has done a good job enabling all of the solutions to be used on a single platform. But the three most important technologies, when we’re talking about linking them up with Adobe Campaign, prioritizing  and squeezing the most out of each solution to reach specific goals, is what we’re referring to as the magic triangle and it comprises Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager and acts as the essential toolbox for effective marketing and measuring end-to-end ROI.

What’s so great about these 3 technologies?

With these three solutions implemented and integrated it enables effective decision making based on all the data that is captured from them from both online and offline sources. This trifecta also allows for a full ROI to be captured from as the customer navigates the stages of the buyer’s journey from unknown to known to customer to advocate via the buyer’s journey.

Adobe Campaign

First off, Adobe Campaign is the most robust platform when it comes to digesting data sources and enabling organizations to dream of and execute very complex, highly personalized, real-time campaigns. The more data you feed into the platform, the more limitless the options.

Adobe Analytics

Throwing in Adobe Analytics, the system will leverage advanced analytics, propensity modelling and predictive intelligence, to help you understand the past, present and future customer behavior. By providing single-view customer analysis, you get a unified, 360-degree view (also known as a Single Customer View) into their activities – aided by cross-channel attribution functionality, which allows you to understand how they act and buy across every channel.

Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager aids these functions by unifying customer identities within a single, unique profile – giving them a distinct overarching ID, and making other system IDs accessible via a lookup table.

Combining the solutions

Combining Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics unlocks the power of real-time analytics across all marketing channels. Segmentation and profiling become significantly easier: you know which product pages they’ve visited and which marketing collateral they’ve responded to; where they’re located and what they browse; any information that’s available and useful is at your disposal.

Again, having Adobe Campaign as your platform allows you to harness this information and execute on complex and personalized campaigns with more attributable ROI. Combine this magic triangle with automation and integration with CRM, and your marketing to sales process will be a strategic, targeting, closing machine.

Celerity are the experts in Adobe Campaign with more than 10 years of experience partnering with clients to grow and evolve their use of this marketing automation and campaign management platform. We have a firm understanding in where every automation opportunity lies, and the strategic and technical expertise to help our clients realize their marketing and sales goals through systems integration, marketing automation and campaign strategy.

The rich understanding of the importance of data for amplifying the use of Adobe Campaign, by bringing these three technologies together there is a lot more value realization for marketing efforts. It’s everything you need to understand prospective and current customers, and to tailor customized campaigns to their specific interests.


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