Adobe Summit 2015 Sneaks

  • Posted: 13th March 2015
  • Written by:

    Susan Murray  @susanmurray

Adobe Summit

The annual Digital Marketing Summit held at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Utah is definitely one of the hottest events in the calendar for us Adobe partners. Over 6,000 attendees, three days of keynote speakers and break-out sessions, a full day of skiing and one big party.

The Adobe Sneaks is a highly anticipated session where delegates get to check out some of the cool stuff that the clever folks in the Adobe digital marketing labs have been working on. Even better, we’re all invited to give live feedback on what we think are the best developments.

The Sneaks session was introduced and hosted by Actor, Comedian and self-confessed Nerd, Wayne Brady, who seemed to enjoy the demonstrations just as much as us guys in the crowd.

The demos included a tool for in-store customer mapping via beacons and mobile apps; a tool that analyzes individual digital assets, allowing you to easily check the performance of photos and images and Adobe Marketing Cloud’s own version of Apple’s Siri, which they’ve named Data Tone – a natural language processing tool that allows marketers to request reports and navigate their way around the Cloud using only their voice.

The demonstrations led to much oohing and aahing from the crowd, and the twittersphere exploded with frenzied comments, jokes and pleads for Adobe to make the tools available for use now – but Adobe makes no promises that that will ever happen, with the disclaimer:

“Sneaks demonstrations are a preview of the ideas and technologies percolating inside Adobe Labs,and should not be viewed as a representation of product plans or features.”

Rather than giving you my own (and inevitably less detailed!) review of each Sneak, I recommend you read this Summing up sneaks by Lauren Friedman, Head of Global Social Business Enablement at Adobe.

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