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  • Posted: 21st October 2019

Marketing ecosystems designed by campaign and CRM teams are supposed to accomplish many things at once – namely targeting and converting new customers while simultaneously retaining existing ones. To top it all off, they need to do this in a personalized and timely manner across different channels.

It can be hard to achieve all these objectives at once. It requires a keen eye, great ideas and a good knowledge of each channel. This is why many marketing teams turn to platforms like Adobe Campaign. Part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaign helps marketers create, co-ordinate and deliver campaigns across all channels by using multiple data sources. It acts as a one stop shop for marketers to manage their social, email, mobile and offline campaigns.

Let’s take a closer look at the Adobe Campaign features that can help you manage your marketing campaigns.

Cross channel campaigns

When customers first start using Adobe Campaign, they generally just stick to e-mail campaigns. But Adobe Campaign makes it really easy to add more channels – at the click of a button. You can add other channels and view an entire integrated campaign all in one place, rather than only by channel.

The ease at which you can activate campaigns across different channels is one of the best Adobe Campaign features.

Automated marketing communications

Adobe Campaign features an impressive set of automated real-time marketing communication options in its Message Centre Module. For example, you can set it to automatically send password reminders and abandoned basket emails to users, which helps drive more purchases.


Personalization in the form of customer name or gender has now become the norm. The aim now is to provide advanced contextual and relevant personalization that is driven by customer behavior. Adobe Campaign can help you take your personalization strategies to this next level. The Interaction Module uses all available customer data to get the right message to the right customer at the right time. For example, it can send specific customers special offers on products related to their purchasing history.


When purchasing any technology or software it’s important to consider its scalability. Ideally, you want it to grow with your company. Adobe Campaign does this. It lets you ramp up your marketing communications quickly and easily, makes it easy to edit and change them in real-time and is robust enough to power both small and large campaigns.


Even before GDPR, Adobe Campaign has always made it easy for customers to manager their opt-in and opt-out preferences. It comes with these tools as standard, including opt-out flags in the standard data model and a pre-built unsubscribe page for customers to use.

A single view of marketing communications

Working with one vendor across all marketing communications makes it easier for everyone involved. Working with one platform almost always means that all tools will integrate seamlessly with each other and that you only need to work with one support team. It saves time on communicating with different vendors about your objective and makes for a quicker and easier implementation process.

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